Ольга Тобрелутс , Полина Стадник, Сергей Потеряев

Неуловимое очарование/Будапешт

24-11-2016 / 29-01-2017

Elusive Allure

The Definition of Beauty is
That Definition is none—
Of Heaven, easing Analysis,
Since Heaven and He are one.
Emily Dickinson, 1865

Femininity is something elusive. It is commonly referred to a collection of qualities or attributes associated with women in distinction from men. Today precisely what qualities are regarded as feminine is subject to discussion and contention, whether such qualities should be considered innate essences or cultural norms. Even the most widely shared so-called feminine traits are not universal, as their comparison considers different cultures, different groups or individuals within a given society, or different periods of history. Elusive allure photo project reflects on different issues of being feminine nowadays.
Series The Blue Beard by Olga Tobreluts, world-known artist, examines marriage as the principal reward for successful displays of femininity. The main character in her magical super reality based on the story of the famous fairy-tale melted together with myths of modern culture is more than just a victim of herself, as a woman who effectively created herself as object rather than subject.
woman effectively creates herself as an object rather than a subject. She is full of delicacy, refinement, and taste in adornment not only as a symbol of the socioeconomic status of the husband. The figure is depicted showing inner strength and inwardness that fulfill the character with bewitching features.
Physical fragility at the beginning of the XXI century is seen as a femininity reflection; nevertheless contemplating series Archetype ballet by Paulina Stadnik it becomes evident that grace and subtlety on the stage turn to intensive and highly-strung work. Paulina has been photographing classical ballets such as Giselle and Swan Lake on the stage of Yekaterinburg Opera House. The choice of the artist was not random, both Giselle and Odette personify the very idea of a faithful sacrificial love, printed in multiple exposure technique, could be seen as reconstruction of romanticism ideals as an essence of woman being.
Classical assumption of the post-colonial discourse about oppressive influence of traditional cultures that are imposing gender roles and absorbing woman personalities lose its convincing force when you see portraits of Tatar women by Sergey Poteryaev in his series Where chulpy jingle. Dressed in traditional clothes and jewelry (chulpy) they represent harmony of cultural identity as basics of sophisticated allure.

Ksenia Heifetz

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